Feedback Scheme

Why use Feedback Scheme?

...It's Valued

Our members really care about their customers, and that's why they join Feedback Scheme.

Your feedback will be sent directly to the relevant manager within the organisation concerned, so it can be acted upon quickly.

...Your Privacy

It can take courage to give your feedback, especially when it's a complaint.

Feedback Scheme is independent, and so your contact details won't be passed to the organisation concerned unless you choose to send them.

...Brings Change

Writing a negative online review or social media post can really damage a business, and the issue can remain unresolved too.

By using Feedback Scheme you can help an organisation by giving them a chance to change, and improve service in the future.

Why your business should

become a Feedback Scheme member...

Feedback Scheme is the universal feedback system for all UK businesses large and small. From individual restaurants and pubs, to hotels, car dealerships and large retail chains...every business in the UK can become a full member of Feedback Scheme from just £59 per year per location, with discounts available for businesses located in 3 or more places.

...Stop Losing Customers

96% of unhappy customers don't complain1. Membership of Feedback Scheme is an effective tool for customer rescue by creating dialogue with unhappy customers, giving your business a priceless opportunity to resolve their issues and retain their custom.

Attracting a new customer costs 5 times as much as keeping an existing one2 and happy customers who get their issue resolved also tell around 4 to 6 people about their experience3, so in more ways than one it pays to be a member of the official Feedback Scheme.

...Avoid Bad Online Reviews

Even prior to the recent explosion in the use of social media and online review sites for writing about negative experiences, a dissatisfied customer would tell between 9 and 15 people about their experience4.

Becoming a Feedback Scheme member empowers your customers, providing them with an easy and familiar direct channel for having their grievances resolved. Without a convenient way to feedback you leave unhappy customers feeling frustrated, to a point where a public outburst on social media or an online review site is the only recourse they feel they have, which in turn then damages your organisations hard earned reputation.

...Improve Staff Performance

All staff at member organisations are aware that every single customer is now easily able to provide feedback direct to management on any of their experiences, be it the service at a restaurant to the cleanliness of a hotel room.

Employees of member organisations are therefore motivated to always provide the service levels to every customer that management expect, even (and especially) when unsupervised.

...Monitor Complaint Handling

For Feedback Scheme members we acquire data from customers beyond their initial complaint, also covering how their complaint has been handled, giving you for the first time a unique insight into complaint handling performance within your organisation.

If your organisation is in multiple locations, comparisons can also be made between sites, identifying localised poor complaint handling by local management which can then be addressed.

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