Feedback Scheme

Membership and Pricing


Feedback Scheme is priced to allow any UK business of any size to become a member.

Reasons For Joining

In becoming a Feedback Scheme member you are showing your customers that you truly care about them and that you are serious about wanting feedback, especially following a negative experience.

Feedback Scheme

The key reasons for joining Feedback Scheme are :

1. STOP LOSING CUSTOMERS - Most unhappy customers don't complain, they simply never come back... Hard earned customers quietly seeping away from a businesses is a frightening thought, but it actually happens to most businesses on a very regular basis.

For the first time you can now find out why you lose customers, and easily connect with and 'rescue' many that you would otherwise loose forever to your competitors, and also gain invaluable insights into ways to improve your business. With our live feedback analytics you can also see when your replies have been read and indeed if they have resulted in your customers becoming satisfied though our unique user updatable traffic light 'mood' indicators.

For most businesses Feedback Scheme membership costs far less than the typical price of losing a single regular customer, meaning membership can directly pay for itself many times over each year without even putting a value on the indirect benefits too.

2. AVOID BAD ONLINE REVIEWS - Unhappy customers with no easy feedback channel will often place negative comments on social media and online review sites, which in turn can serious damage if not slowly destroy a business. Promoting your Feedback Scheme membership can divert these unhappy customers into leaving constructive feedback direct with local management instead, rather than seeking to harm your business reputation online.

3. IMPROVE STAFF PERFORMANCE - Membership of Feedback Scheme encourages staff to always take more care when dealing with customers, even (and especially) when unsupervised. This is enhanced when staff are encouraged to promote customer feedback via Feedback Scheme since it also then serves as a reminder to themselves also.

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For organisations in more than one location, additional benefits are :

4. MONITOR COMPLAINT HANDLING - We monitor the customers mood beyond their initial complaint. If the customer becomes satisfied then this is recorded and allows business owners for the first time to directly compare complaint handling performance of the individual branches, and identify any issues for local management with regards to complaint handling so you can arrange re-training as necessary.

5. REDUCING OVERHEADS - Feedback Scheme is priced incredibly low (and will remain so) to achieve our primary goal of rapidly becoming the universal feedback scheme for businesses large and small in the UK, with our simple platform becoming familiar to most UK consumers for their repeated ease of use. As such membership can often replace the need for expensive feedback/CXM software, saving some organisations many thousands of pounds each year.

What Members Receive

As Feedback Scheme membership rapidly grows in the UK, it brings an increasing level of additional credibility and goodwill for member businesses. As such in addition to receiving unlimited invaluable feedback from your customers via the Feedback Scheme system, members will receive the following for each location to demonstrate and help promote their membership of the official Feedback Scheme :

1. OFFICIAL CERTIFICATE - Your official certificate of membership to display at your premises in a public area.

2. DIGITAL BRAND PACK - A digital brand pack containing Feedback Scheme logos and other devices for use on your own marketing materials, signage, business cards and website to help promote your membership status to your customers.

3. EXTERIOR PROMOTION - Large format window stickers for display at your premises of your official Feedback Scheme membership.

4. INTERIOR/POS MATERIALS - A4 posters which can be framed for display to inform customers within your premises of your membership, and your new easy feedback process via Feedback Scheme.


The cost of Feedback Scheme membership is on an annual recurring subscription basis as follows :

Feedback Cost

You pay nothing today as subscriptions are billed in single annual invoices, with the option to pay invoices by Faster Payments (online banking) or PayPal (debit or credit cards).

If you are a business in a single location you will need only one Feedback Scheme location licence, however if your business is located in multiple places you will need one licence for each location. These are set-up and run from a single company Feedback Scheme account to enable easy administration and company-wide complaint handling performance comparisons.

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